Welcome to the Piano Academy of Singapore

Where people of any age can be cultivated into awesome piano players. We have a range of piano courses that can be tailored to any individual regardless of skill level.

It is true when they say music has no caste, religion or language. It is like the sky that falls over all of us and without any bias connects us to each other. Music connects and brings people from various countries and religions together. There is nothing as beautiful or uplifting than music. Humans are surrounded by so many forms of music and incredible methods of making music. But have we ever realised that we often forget one of the finest inventions in the history of music instruments?

“The piano ain’t got no wrong notes.” – Thelonious Monk

Nobody dislikes it when a piano is being played, especially when it is being played very well. The piano has given birth to the world’s best classical and jazz music. There is no instrument ever made that can express love, happiness, sadness or jealousy in as elegant a way that a piano could do.

It’s often recommended for little children to go for piano lessons during the early stages of their lives, that way they can easily learn the instrument with their young and sponge-like brains. But adults should still learn the piano once they discover just how awesome it is. There is no age at which you can’t learn to play music. Adults must not shy away because this is not about just picking up a hobby, it is also very liberating in its nature.

Most adults are busy working throughout the week or looking after their children. Some older adults are busy spending time with their grandchildren. Learning the piano is an excellent source of unwinding and can bring a sense of pride and contentment. Not to forget, a lot of happiness. The feeling of being able to produce music through a piano can be very motivating.

Learning how to play the piano requires a lot of concentration and coordination. This also works as a stress buster and helps calm oneself down. It is quite good for brain exercise. You need to spend just about fifteen to twenty minutes daily with us at the Piano Academy of Singapore, and your mental health will always be good. It’s proven medically that if senior adults engage in piano playing, they’ll be able to protect themselves against diseases like Alzheimer’s.

It’s quite a good feeling of knowing how to play at least one musical instrument. Most adults will keep themselves away from a guitar, or drums, or maybe a flute. But a piano will resonate with most adults, and that’s why we recommend it. As you grow into senior adulthood of life; it becomes even more important for you to keep yourself busy given the free time at hand. What better than playing some good notes on the good old piano? To make it more interesting and fun, you should challenge yourself and try to copy your favourite music.

We have forgotten the beautiful things in life given the fast-paced digital life we lead. It’s time to find some time in our daily lives to go back and identify what can bring back pure happiness to us. We have already given you one great way to unwind. What are you waiting for?